Layla Rose White FRENDShip Bundle: Headphone With 3 Bestselling Cap Sets

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We’ve taken our favorite FREND – Layla Rose Gold - and bundled her with some of our favorite cap sets, so you can create multiple looks. Mix and match your caps to complement your mood and outfit.

With this headphone bundle set, you get 3 popular & distinctive FRENDS headphone looks: the elegant Rose Gold, the creative Oilslick and the Matte Black etched camo.

    Each Layla FRENDShip Bundle includes:
    • 1 Layla Rose Gold headphone with Rose Gold Caps
    • 1 extra set of Oil Slick interchangeable caps
    • 1 extra set of Matte Black etched camo interchangeable caps
    • 2 Carrying cases, 1 Square and 1 Half moon shaped

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